Black Ops 2: how to unlock the gold ballistic knife

Yesterday I showed you how to unlock the gold combat knife and it seems logical to follow up with a tutorial showing you how to do the same for the ballistic knife.

Before you begin you need to get 300 kills with the ballistic knife, either by shooting the blades or using the melee. Once done, you will unlock the Carbon Fiber, Cherry Blossom, Art of War, Ronin and Skulls camo challenges.

Black Ops 2 - how to unlock the gold ballistic knife
Black Ops 2 – how to unlock the gold ballistic knife

The hardest part of unlocking the gold ballistic knife is getting the initial 300 kills, for which you will be rewarded with the Krptek: Typhon camo. From there on it it is pretty easy and, remember, the following challenges can be completed in any order.

Carbon Fiber Ballistic Knife:

All you need for this is 5 Revenge medals, which requires you to kill the player who killed you previously. I find the easiest way to do this is to play naturally – get up in the enemy spawn and pray on campers!

Cherry Blossom Ballistic Knife:

25 melee kills. Simples.

Art of War Ballistic Knife:

For this challenge you need to get 25 kills with retrieved ballistic knife blades. At first, this might seem fairly problematic as it means you need to kill someone, go and pick up your ballistic knife and then get another kill in the same fashion, right?

Turns out there is a little glitch. If you shoot your ballistic knife into a wall and retrieve it, subsequent kills will count towards the Art of War camo unlock.

Ronin Ballistic Knife:

Get 1 double kill medal. That isn’t a typo. One double kill will get you the Ronin camo.

Skulls Ballistic Knife:

To unlock the skulls camo you need to get 2 Bloodthirsty medals, which requires 5 kills with the Ballistic Knife in a single life. Whether you get the kills using melee or by shooting the knife is entirely up to you.

Gold Ballistic Knife:

Once you have completed all of the above you will be rewarded with the gold ballistic knife.

Want to go on and unlock the diamond camo? No problem, you just need to get the gold crossbow 🙂

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