The Road to Glory [FIFA 13 EA Cup Online Multiplayer]

“Is the cup window open” – D-Bomb85 (every time we sign into FIFA 13)

The Betstatz Bears aren’t particularly known for their cup form. To date, we have won… absolutely nothing, despite our Captain (D-Bomb85) entering at every given opportunity.

However, he was out of town (and the country… on business, allegedly) this weekend, which means we hopped onto our reserve team: Cardiac Arrest. Our captain = yours truly.

Without the other guys knowing I threw us into the EA Cup and I’m glad that I did. Several hours and lots of swear words later, we found ourself in the final….

For the most part, the game played out as I expected.  With all four of us full of nerves, most of the football was pretty scrappy. However the two teams were separated by a moment of footballing genius: a 60 yard pass over the back 4, cracked (first time) into the top left hand corner.

The provider: the deceptively orange iKingOfHouseThe striker, who gets all the glory: the one and only SneakyMcDucky. And that guy running around doing very little: ThellDoctor.

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