How to get Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter Camo (Black Ops 3)

Weapon camouflage (or “camo” for short) is not a new addition to the Call of Duty Series. When I first picked up a copy of Modern Warfare 2 in January 2010, I spent hours trying to kit out my Intervention sniper rifle with the “fall”. If I remember correctly, this was unlocked the moment you got your 250th headshot.

The camo itself was pretty ugly but the appeal came from the fact it was relatively hard to obtain and would therefore be rarer than some of the camos that required less headshots to unlock. Skip forward to 2015 and absolutely nothing has changed in that regard – people generally want to rock the rarer camos.

When Black Ops 2 came along, Treyarch mixed things up a little by introducing challenges. Once completed, these would unlock a hidden gold camo. On top of that, if you unlocked gold camos for every gun in any given class, you would then unlock the hidden diamond camo. [Incidentally, my video on “how to get gold and diamond camos in Black Ops 2” is my most viewed video, with over 100k views]

For Black Ops 3, Treyarch have gone one step further. Weapon crate drops bring the possibility of rare camos that aren’t available by completing gun challenges. As if that wasn’t enough, you can once again unlock diamond weapons by unlocking the gold camo for every gun in any given class. For those of you with lots of spare time, you can go one step further and unlock the “dark matter” camo, by obtaining diamond camos in every class for primary AND secondary weapons.

The dark matter camo is, without question, the most difficult camo to unlock in Call of Duty history, which is perhaps why people were moaning about it being pretty boring. Not one to ignore criticism, Treyarch have updated the dark matter camo in a recent patch.

Video: how to unlock gold, diamond & dark matter weapons in Black Ops III

Right now, I only have one gold gun- the Weevil – so it’s unlikely you’ll see diamond weapons in my hands in the near future.

How to unlock gold diamond & dark matter camo in Black Ops 3
The recently updated Dark Matter camo (Black Ops 3 weapon unlocks)
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