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Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Gaming Headsets

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Headsets

We’re here: the next phase in the evolution of gaming headsets has arrived! DOLBY ATMOS – in short – means surround sound headsets now give a fully immersive 3D experience. But that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, so I’m going to put that in the context of my own gaming history. Dolby Atmos […]

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Return of Gaming Headsets

It’s 2019 and we’re back!

Once upon a time, I made mediocre YouTube videos. My channel was fairly small, with around 1,000 subscribers, although with my background in search engine optimisation I managed to pick up a few views here and there… A combination of workload in my day job and a lack of organisation mean I haven’t posted anything […]

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How to unlock gold diamond & dark matter camo in Black Ops 3

How to get Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter Camo (Black Ops 3)

Weapon camouflage (or “camo” for short) is not a new addition to the Call of Duty Series. When I first picked up a copy of Modern Warfare 2 in January 2010, I spent hours trying to kit out my Intervention sniper rifle with the “fall”. If I remember correctly, this was unlocked the moment you […]

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How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (Black Ops 3 Hidden Game)

How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (Black Ops III hidden game)

If you want to know how to unlock the hidden game in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, then look no further than this video. Treyarch are huge fans of “Easter Eggs” and in the original Black Ops they brought us “Dead Ops Arcade” – a top down shooter which was accessible by entering a […]

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PSN vs Amazon - The Economics of Game Pricing

The Economics of Call of Duty

Disclaimer: the title of this post may be a little misleading but it’s late at night and I can’t think of anything more fitting. Specifically, this is a rant concerning the pricing strategy of the PSN Store (and presumably the XBox store) when it comes to new games. Earlier on today it became clear that I […]

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Black Ops III Beta Confirmed (August 2015!)

My PS4 is *still* downloading updates {Will I actually get to play some Advanced Warfare tonight? Answers on a postcard…} so I am passing the time looking at some Call of Duty: Black Ops III footage. Obviously the usual suspects are posting heaps of content but and I am currently trawling through hours of footage from the […]

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Best Perk in COD Advanced Warfare - Blast Surpressor

Best Perk in COD: Advanced Warfare

There’s nothing like a timely post, right? If we assume I uploaded this when I was supposed to … back in November last year … then it is quite likely that you are asking yourself the question: what is the best perk in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?  Well, I too asked that question and came to a very […]

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 game cover

Radio Silence Broken: Black Ops 3 is coming!

I have totally failed you, the reader as it has been one year and one month since I last posted. For that, I can only apologise. Internet things in general have had to take a back seat to some pressing life issues, which you may have heard me grumble about on my YouTube channel (which hasn’t […]

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AVerMedia LGP PS4 PC Free Mode Recording Test [thumb]

AVerMedia LGP – PS4 PC-Free Mode Set-Up Guide & Quality Test

You probably haven’t noticed this but I haven’t posted anything to my YouTube channel since the PS4 was released. Thanks to Sony’s DCHP protection I haven’t been able to record any gameplay on my AVerMedia LGP. I know that people have been using HDMI splitters to record PS4 gameplay but I’ve been far too busy to […]

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COD: Ghosts – how to go ham with the HELO Pilot

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really [really, really] need to slap on the assault kill streak set-up and have a go with the Helo Pilot. It’s a 12 point kill streak but if you go with the attack dog and trinity rocket it’s not that hard to get. My own approach is to […]

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How to earn more money on YouTube

How to earn more money on YouTube: Christmas 2013

A little over a year ago I joined the Exonia Network, which meant I could begin monetising views on my YouTube channel. So far, so good: people view my videos and I get paid a little bit of money whenever someone views/clicks on an advert. You won’t see me retiring to a yacht in the […]

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