Radio Silence Broken: Black Ops 3 is coming!

I have totally failed you, the reader as it has been one year and one month since I last posted. For that, I can only apologise. Internet things in general have had to take a back seat to some pressing life issues, which you may have heard me grumble about on my YouTube channel (which hasn’t hasn’t been updated either – sorry again!)

In an effort to get my shit together (translated – restore the work life balance which is currently sitting at 100% work 0% life) I have just booted up my PS4 for what must be the first time in 2015 only to be greeted with approximately 64 terabytes worth of updates. So whilst that’s doing it’s thing I thought I would check out Black Ops 3.

Obviously, it looks pretty good and I will definitely be picking up a copy on launch night. However I got sidetracked from the promo videos and countless “trailer breakdown” commentaries when I saw this:

Black Ops III (3) Juggernog Edition
Black Ops III (3) Juggernog Edition

Yep. That’s right. The Black Ops III collectors edition comes with a mini fridge! This is the only collectors edition that has ever interested me (remember the RX-XD & aerial drone from previous COD games?) and it’s sold out already.


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