Black Ops 2: complete perk list

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A complete list of perks in Black Ops 2 (click the image to expand):

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - complete list of perks
A complete list of perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Credit goes to YouTuber Quickjap for compiling the above list. If you want to say thanks be sure to like the video below. It might not seem like a lot but likes help a YouTuber to grow their audience, I can guarantee it will be appreciated!

First off, this calls into question my supposed “best Black Ops 2 class” but that was based on confirmed information from people who have played the game. It is possible that Quickjap has mixed up the perk slots but for now, I’ll work with what’s given above…

1st tier perks

Flak Jacket – as per black ops 2. Take less explosive damage.
Ghost – hidden from enemy UAV.
Blind Eye – don’t show up on AI controlled perks. As per MW3, won’t be shot at by enemy AI air support (but will be shot at by user controlled air support unless you’re running Cold Blooded)
Hardline – bonus score points
Lightweight – same as usual. No damage from falling

2nd tier perks

Hard Wired – immune to counter-UAV and EMP. Similar to Assasin Pro in MW3.
Scavenger – replenish ammo. Same as all previous CODs.
Cold Blooded – resistance to targeting systems & player controlled air craft. Does not prevent players from showing on UAV.
Toughness – Flinch less when shot, similar to focus attachment in MW3.
Fast hands – use grenades faster (including throw backs, which might help to get Flak Jacket pro if the challenge is similar to original Black Ops). Note, Sleight of Hand is now an attachment, not a perk.

3rd tier perks

Engineer – show enemy equipment, delay explosives, booby trap care packages. Has elements of Hacker from Black Ops & Sit Rep / Stalker Pro in MW3.
Dead Silence – move silently a la Ninja.
Extreme Conditioning – sprint for longer distances. Now a trade-off with Ninja. Bad news for OnlyUseMeBlade!
Tactical Mask – reduce effects of stun/flash grenades.
Awareness – enemy movements are easier to hear (as per Sit Rep pro in Mw2/MW3).
Dexterity – climb, jump obstacles quicker. Faster recovery from Melee. Aim faster after sprinting. Elements of Steady Aim (mw3), Marathon (mw2) and Commando (mw2).

With this in mind, what set-up can you see yourself using? I’m going to sleep on this and then I’ll post up some thoughts to my YouTube channel.

Again, please remember to like Quickjaps video. It’s obvious he put a lot of time into researching / producing the above! Here it is:

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