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Black Ops 2 tips: what is the best way to get a copy on release day?

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First thoughts: best class set-up in Black Ops 2

“What is the best class?” is a question most gamers ask when a new Call of Duty title hits the shelves. Black Ops 2 is still more than a month away but we think we can tell you the best class set-up for launch day, based on first hand impressions from various Black Ops 2 pre-launch events.

Primary Weapon: M27

The M27 is a fully automatic assault rife with a moderate fire rate and low amount of recoil. We’d say it’s a cross between a scar and an ACR.

Secondary Weapon: B23R

This 3 burst pistol reminds us of the M93 Raffica which last aired in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This 3 burst pistol is devastating at low range and can be used to finish off injured enemies at a distance.

Perk 1: Hardline

Killstreaks have been replaced with point streaks, which require a player to get killsĀ and play the objective to reach the bigger targets. For the average player hardline will almost be an essential perk.

Perk 2: Fast Hands

Not to be mistaken with Sleight of Hand… which no longer exists in perk form. SoH is now an attachment in the form of “fast mags”. Players who want quick access to equipment, such as grenades, throwing knives and flash bangs, will need to use the Fast Hand perk.

Perk 3: Cold Blooded

The Cold Blooded perk offers resistance to targeting systems and player controlled killstreaks. In particular, Cold Blooded will prevent players from showing up when the enemy launches hellfire missiles – an easily accessible killstreak which will no doubt be used in abundance on launch day.

Cold Blooded is not to be mistaken with the Ghost perk, which keeps players off the enemy UAV.

Point streak 1: UAV

This will show up all enemy players that aren’t using the Ghost perk. And, for the first time ever, Ghost “campers” will show up if they don’t keep moving.

Point streak 2: Counter-UAV

Rather than waste a perk by using Ghost, we prefer to rack up counter-UAVs which can then be deployed whenever the enemy team throws up a UAV. In the days following launch this will be a great way to help out your team and rack up XP.

Point streak 3: Hunter Killer

This is a drone which, once thrown in the air, will circle the map and attack an enemy target. Whilst it may sound fairly over powered it isn’t all that reliable. We like it because it can be deployed quickly and doesn’t take you out of the game while it is in use. More time in game = more kills *evil grin*

For a more in-depth discussion of the above class, feel free to watch the following video:

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