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Rose Gold controller & headset (PS4 exclusive)

Sony have announced a Rose Gold version of their Gold Wireless Headset, which sits alongside the white & black versions that have been available for some time. Assuming you pre-order (click on the product above!), this sexy headset will be delivered on Friday 15th November. The Rose Gold Edition of the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset […]

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Gaming Headsets on instagram


If you’re looking for photos of some fine gaming headsets with endless hashtags #DolbyAtmos #SurroundSound #GamingHeadset #GamingSetup #GamingRig … I think you get the picture…. check us out @forthesoundwhores I know it’s early days but I think we have some pretty good content already: Just how good does the Rose Gold headset & controller combo […]

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Modern Warfare Dolby Atmos

Are you really ready for Modern Warfare?

So, we’re here: another launch night in the Call of Duty franchise. This year is a little different as Modern Warfare has a Dolby Atmos soundtrack and, if you have a compatible headset, it can elevate your gaming to another level. I rambled on about the evolution of gaming headsets in a previous post but, […]

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Black Friday 2019 Gaming & Surround Sound Headsets


If you’re reading this, then you already know what Black Friday is, so let’s not waste any time explaining. In the UK, Black Friday takes place on Friday 29th November 2019 and, as always, provides an excellent opportunity to grab a bargain. We’ve thrown this page up so that we can keep all of the […]

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Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Gaming Headsets

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Headsets

We’re here: the next phase in the evolution of gaming headsets has arrived! DOLBY ATMOS – in short – means surround sound headsets now give a fully immersive 3D experience. But that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, so I’m going to put that in the context of my own gaming history. Dolby Atmos […]

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Return of Gaming Headsets

It’s 2019 and we’re back!

Once upon a time, I made mediocre YouTube videos. My channel was fairly small, with around 1,000 subscribers, although with my background in search engine optimisation I managed to pick up a few views here and there… A combination of workload in my day job and a lack of organisation mean I haven’t posted anything […]

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How to unlock gold diamond & dark matter camo in Black Ops 3

How to get Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter Camo (Black Ops 3)

Weapon camouflage (or “camo” for short) is not a new addition to the Call of Duty Series. When I first picked up a copy of Modern Warfare 2 in January 2010, I spent hours trying to kit out my Intervention sniper rifle with the “fall”. If I remember correctly, this was unlocked the moment you […]

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How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (Black Ops 3 Hidden Game)

How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 (Black Ops III hidden game)

If you want to know how to unlock the hidden game in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, then look no further than this video. Treyarch are huge fans of “Easter Eggs” and in the original Black Ops they brought us “Dead Ops Arcade” – a top down shooter which was accessible by entering a […]

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PSN vs Amazon - The Economics of Game Pricing

The Economics of Call of Duty

Disclaimer: the title of this post may be a little misleading but it’s late at night and I can’t think of anything more fitting. Specifically, this is a rant concerning the pricing strategy of the PSN Store (and presumably the XBox store) when it comes to new games. Earlier on today it became clear that I […]

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Black Ops III Beta Confirmed (August 2015!)

My PS4 is *still* downloading updates {Will I actually get to play some Advanced Warfare tonight? Answers on a postcard…} so I am passing the time looking at some Call of Duty: Black Ops III footage. Obviously the usual suspects are posting heaps of content but and I am currently trawling through hours of footage from the […]

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Best Perk in COD Advanced Warfare - Blast Surpressor

Best Perk in COD: Advanced Warfare

There’s nothing like a timely post, right? If we assume I uploaded this when I was supposed to … back in November last year … then it is quite likely that you are asking yourself the question: what is the best perk in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?  Well, I too asked that question and came to a very […]

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