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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 game cover

Radio Silence Broken: Black Ops 3 is coming!

I have totally failed you, the reader as it has been one year and one month since I last posted. For that, I can only apologise. Internet things in general have had to take a back seat to some pressing life issues, which you may have heard me grumble about on my YouTube channel (which hasn’t […]

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AVerMedia LGP PS4 PC Free Mode Recording Test [thumb]

AVerMedia LGP – PS4 PC-Free Mode Set-Up Guide & Quality Test

You probably haven’t noticed this but I haven’t posted anything to my YouTube channel since the PS4 was released. Thanks to Sony’s DCHP protection I haven’t been able to record any gameplay on my AVerMedia LGP. I know that people have been using HDMI splitters to record PS4 gameplay but I’ve been far too busy to […]

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COD: Ghosts – how to go ham with the HELO Pilot

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really [really, really] need to slap on the assault kill streak set-up and have a go with the Helo Pilot. It’s a 12 point kill streak but if you go with the attack dog and trinity rocket it’s not that hard to get. My own approach is to […]

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How to earn more money on YouTube

How to earn more money on YouTube: Christmas 2013

A little over a year ago I joined the Exonia Network, which meant I could begin monetising views on my YouTube channel. So far, so good: people view my videos and I get paid a little bit of money whenever someone views/clicks on an advert. You won’t see me retiring to a yacht in the […]

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FIFA 13 Live: Cup Glory [?] Game 4 – Cometh The Hour

Cometh the hour, cometh the man… sort of. The big number #7 (aka iKingOfHouse aka me) sees red at the worst possible time, with the Betstatz Bears hanging on to a 2-1 lead in the first half of Extra Time. Can they hold out for the win? About Our Sponsor betstatz is a website that gives […]

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FIFA 13 Live: Cup Glory? Game 3 – Epic Semi

A couple of weeks ago I posted Games 1 & 2 of the FIFA 13 Live: Cup Glory? series & some of the more switched on readers have noticed I never followed up on this. To be honest, I figured that no-one would be interested given FIFA 14 is now on the shelves but I […]

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So Nearly Epic - COD Ghosts - S&R Final Kill Cam

So. Nearly. Epic. COD: Ghosts – S&R Final Kill Cam

As I type, a video entitled “how to do well in COD: Ghosts” is rendering in Sony Vegas. In short, you need to play this game the way Infinity Ward want you to – if you try and run around like Sandy Ravage you will probably find it very frustrating. Bullets kill very quickly so […]

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Black Friday 2013 - deals on PS4 & XBOX One accessories

Black Friday 2013 – epic deals on next gen console goodies

Black Friday originated in the United States and many consider this to be the start of the Christmas shopping season. Falling on the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day, this year Black Friday is the 29th November. Up until recent years this would have meant huge discounts in stores for just one day, with internet deals […]

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Infinity Ward: Take Me Home ft. COD Ghosts (MW3 remix)

Infinity Ward: Take Me Home ft. COD Ghosts (MW3 remix)

I was a late starter to the Call of Duty series and was first introduced to Modern Warfare 2 during a post-New-Year-party recovery ‘cotch’ on a mate’s PS3. It wasn’t long before I caught the Call of Duty bug and bought myself a pair of try-hard panties. In fact, I’m pretty sure the first time […]

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AVerMedia Game Capture HD Christmas Giveaway

AVerMedia Game Capture HD – Christmas Capture Card Giveaway

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to receive a complementary Live Gamer Portable from the folks over at AVerMedia. In a nutshell (disclaimer: and in my own personal opinion) it is the best HD capture card available right now. The LGP is compatible with all of the major systems and, moving into 2014, will […]

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FIFA 14: Online clubs mode – First Play [live team commentary]

I actually recorded this video a couple of weeks ago but as I mentioned in this post, I wanted to make sure my AVerMedia LGP & Sony Vegas were set up correctly before posting any gameplay. As it turns out, FIFA 14 works perfectly well with the Live Gamer Portable in PC-free mode and my default Sony […]

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