So. Nearly. Epic. COD: Ghosts – S&R Final Kill Cam

As I type, a video entitled “how to do well in COD: Ghosts” is rendering in Sony Vegas. In short, you need to play this game the way Infinity Ward want you to – if you try and run around like Sandy Ravage you will probably find it very frustrating. Bullets kill very quickly so the days of steaming into an enemy spawn and taking out a whole team (unless you get very lucky, like I did at the start of this game of Blitzed) are pretty much gone.

It  took me almost a week to realise I had to change my playing style to suit the game and the following clip is taken from a game where the penny finally dropped. I ditched the sub-machine gun in favour of an assault rifle, slapped on a new set of perks and played a much slower game. As you can see – going 9&2 in the first two rounds of Search & Rescue – this definitely works.

If you’re wondering, the background music is the start of Sunset (Tommy ReKstyle Remix) by Meizong & Oskar Hill. You can download the track free of charge from MMMontageMusic.

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