FIFA 14: Online clubs mode – First Play [live team commentary]

I actually recorded this video a couple of weeks ago but as I mentioned in this post, I wanted to make sure my AVerMedia LGP & Sony Vegas were set up correctly before posting any gameplay. As it turns out, FIFA 14 works perfectly well with the Live Gamer Portable in PC-free mode and my default Sony Vegas settings, without the need for any colour corrections. Conveniently, these are exactly the same project & render settings that I used to use on my AVerMedia Game Capture HD. Happy days!

As the title suggests, this is a ‘first play’ – I had to enter a few settings & set-up my pro, before joining our on-line club – the Betstatz Bears. That’s right, we even have a sponsor 🙂 [disclaimer: Betstatz is a new tech/betting/sports odds start-up company, founded by our influential midfielder, DBomb-85].

Typically it takes me 5-10 games to get into a new FIFA title but, as I hope you agree, I think I did pretty well…

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