Black Ops 2: how to unlock the gold combat knife

For the first time in Call of Duty history, Treyarch have made it possible to unlock Gold (and Diamond) camouflage for any weapon in the game, including pistols, launchers, the riot shield, crossbow and both knifes (combat + ballistic).

In this post, I am going to run through the challenges you have to complete in order to unlock the gold combat knife and/or ballistic knife.

Black Ops 2: how to unlock all of the combat knife camos (including gold)
Black Ops 2: how to unlock the gold combat knife camo

How to unlock the gold combat knife in Black Ops 2

Your first task is to get 200 kills with the combat knife. This might sound like it will occur naturally but the kills will only count if you are using the combat knife instead of a weapon. Personally I don’t run a secondary so this didn’t cause to much trouble.

To clarify, if you are running a primary and a secondary but get a knife kill by hitting the melee button, the kill won’t count for the purpose of unlocking the gold camo.

When you’re done with the 200 kills, you will unlock the Carbon Fiber, Cherry Blossom, Art of War, Ronin and Skulls challenges. As per gold gun challenges, you can complete these in any order.

Carbon Fiber Combat Knife:

This is a fairly easy one, requiring you to knife 10 enemies in the back.

Cherry Blossom Combat Knife:

This camo requires you to get 5 Survivor medals, which means you need to kill an enemy whilst you injured. Planning to do this will cause all sorts of headaches so you better hope it occurs naturally!

Art of War Combat Knife:

For this one you need to get 5 Revenge medals. I’m forever getting questions on how to get revenge medals so for those who don’t know, I hope this helps:

– you earn a Revenge medal when you kill the player who killed you last;
– you can only earn one Revenge medal per life; and
– if you are killed by player X, once you respawn you can kill any other player. So long as you kill player X in that life, you will be awarded a Revenge medal.

Ronin Combat Knife:

Possibly the most difficult challenge for those trying to unlock the gold combat knife camo. You need to kill an enemy player, pick up their weapon and then kill them with it. Rinse & repeat 5 times!

Your best bet with this one is to get deep in the enemy spawn. Knife a camper, pick up their weapon and then kill them with it when they head back to their little safe haven.

Skulls Combat Knife:

If you can kill 5 enemy players in one life, 5 times, then your reward will be the Skulls Knife Camo.

Gold Combat Knife:

Once you have completed the challenges listed above you will see the gold camo appear in the customise menu for the combat knife. Credit goes to OnlyUseMeBlade for being the first person to post this information to YouTube.

If you’re wondering how to unlock the gold ballistic knife, be sure to come back tomorrow :0)

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