How to do all 50 skill moves in FIFA 13

I’ve been playing FIFA 13 for almost a month and my online pro is now starting to resemble an actual footballer, meaning he can now carry out skill moves. Unfortunately, FIFA have decided to remove the “Arena” from the homescreen meaning my stick-waggling experiments come in 30 second bursts prior to the start of an online game. It is fair to say I have learned literally nothing, so I turned to YouTube for assistance.

Credit goes to awesomePCgames for putting together this comprehensive video, which covers all 50 skill moves in FIFA 13.

FIFA 13 – 1 Star Skill Moves

When you’re just starting out, you only have 2 moves available: the ball juggle and the ball flick.

FIFA 13 – 2 Star Skill Moves

As you pro develops, you can then access another 5 skill moves: body feint left/right, stepovers, reverse stepovers, ball rolls and the drag back.

FIFA 13 – 3 Star Skill Moves

When you unlock 3 star moves you get access to another 4 tricks: the heel flick, flick up, roulette turns and the fake left & go right (as well as fake right & go left).

FIFA 13 – 4 Star Skill Moves

7 more skill moves are available in the next tier: the ball hop, simple rainbow, advanced rainbow, heel chop left/right, scoop turn left/right whilst running, scoop turn left/right whilst standing and another reverse stepover.

FIFA 13 – 5 Star Skill Moves

Now it’s time to show off. The top skill category includes a massive 27 moves: quick ball rolls, the elastico and reverse elastico, drag back fake & exit left/right, the hocus pocus, the triple elastico, the ball roll and flick left/right, the standing sombrero flick, turn and spin left/right, ball roll fake left/right, ball roll cut left/right, double touch exit left/right, the fake rabona, the elastico chop left/right, reverse stepover spins, the laces flick up, the backwards sombrero flick, the left/right sombrero flick, around the world, hop the world, an in air elastico, a reverse in air elastico, the flick up & volley, two variations on the around the world and a reverse toe bounce left/right.

If you manage to learn them all, you are some kind of FIFA prodigy!

FIFA 13 – Fancy Flicks (requires the use of traits)

We’re not quite done yet. If you throw on the fancy flicks trait you have another 5 moves to choose from: the rabona, heel pass, a new fake shot, the hocus pocus pass and the (Thierry) Henry pass.

FIFA 13: XBOX to PS3 controls

If you’re a PS3 user and the video didn’t make a lot of sense, hopefully the following “conversion table” should be of some assistance. Β The most important thing to note is that “LT” equates to L2 and you will need to hold it to carry out all of the skill moves above.

X = Square
A = X
B = O
Y = Triangle
LB = L1
LT = L2
RB = R1
RT = R2

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