Black Ops 2: Subscriber Match + AVerMedia Giveaway

At the moment, I record my gameplay with the AVerMedia Game Capture HD. I have absolutely no issues with it whatsoever: it hasn’t skipped a beat in 6 months or so that I have been using it.

However, the AVerMedia was very much a “starter” capture card as far as I was concerned. Out of all of the various offerings, it provided the most convenient solution due to the fact it can record to built in storage. The trade off is no live streaming capability and the fact it records in 720p, which is essentially partial-HD.

Now that I am sure I want to invest time and effort into making videos, I can justify a quick house re-shuffle, which will put my PS3 near my computer. Call it a media room, if you like. Doing so means I can look at traditional capture cards and, for now, the Elgato HD is at the top of my list.

I was going to pop my AVerMedia Game Capture HD on eBay but I thought I’d see if any of my subs were interested. If you want me to do a giveaway, watch the following video and give it a like. If I can get 50, the AVerMedia will go to one of my subs in a subsequent video!

Irrespective of how many likes the video gets, I will be playing with subs this coming Saturday. If you fancy playing some Black Ops 2, just fire me a message on PSN.

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