Best deal on Far Cry 3 (Tesco vs GAME vs Amazon)

Don’t be fooled by this post: I am still enjoying Black Ops II. Aside from those games where bullets go AWOL and I can’t win a gunfight no matter how much I control the engagement, the game is a lot of fun.

Sadly, the guys I play with are far less understanding of the game to game inconsistency in Treyarch’s latest addition to the Call of Duty series. Consequently, we need a new game that we can all enjoy.

I’ve managed to convince a couple to join the Betstatz Bears team on FIFA 13 but getting everyone together at once is a logistical nightmare, given work/family commitments and the fact we span several time zones. The search continues.

But not for long, I suspect. Far Cry 3 looks like a mix between Call of Duty, Battlefield and Just Cause 3…..

Far Cry 3: Online Multiplayer Gameplay

Far Cry 3: Price Comparison

The best deal I can find for PS3 & XBOX gamers is Far Cry 3: Lost Expeditions Edition, which is available for just £39.97 on If you’re a PC user then I suggest you head on over to GAME, where you can download a copy for £34.99.

If you prefer to pick up a base copy of Far Cry 3 then GAME is your best bet, carrying PS3/XBOX copies for £38. The PC version will set you back £29.99.

Fans of the series who are looking for the Insane Edition are stuck for choice: it seems Amazon hold exclusive rights for the time being. It’ll set you back £99 on PS3/XBOX or £86 on PC.

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