COD: Ghosts – how to go ham with the HELO Pilot

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really [really, really] need to slap on the assault kill streak set-up and have a go with the Helo Pilot. It’s a 12 point kill streak but if you go with the attack dog and trinity rocket it’s not that hard to get. My own approach is to aim for 7 kills and then call in the attack dog, which will keep you relatively safe whilst you call in the trinity rocket. On an outdoor map such as Overlord you’re pretty much guaranteed 2 kills, so you only need to scrape together another 3 in order to bust out this Black-Ops-One-Apache-Esque monster of a kill streak.

In the event you’re struggling to get even the lowest kill streaks, I hope my “how to do well in COD: Ghosts” guide will be of use, but as that’s still a work in progress I shall simply say: slow down. And then slow down some more. Bullets kill really quickly in Ghosts and as such you need to be careful when navigating the map. As much as it pains me to say it, unless you’re Sandy Ravage, you can’t expect to charge into the enemy spawn and walk out with 6 kills to your name [unless you get lucky, like I did in the first 2 minutes of this Blitzed Gameplay Commentary].

Slowing down means using sensible perks like Ninja and Amplify, cranking up the volume on your headset and listening out for footsteps and other sound clues left by your enemies. If you have cover and hear an enemy coming (which, with Amplify, you can do even if they’re running Ninja) then you’re pretty much guaranteed a kill.

Please note: slowing down does not mean start camping!

COD: Ghosts Video – Helo Pilot Destruction on Overlord

Your eyes do not deceive you. I really am running an assault rifle… but if you read the above you would know this is all part of slowing down and doing well in Ghosts. As for doing well with the Helo Pilot the easy answer is to use it on any outdoor map. Try to hover over the middle of the map so you have clear line of sight to the enemy spawn points, which will typically be in the corners. Then just light ’em up 🙂

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