AVerMedia LGP – PS4 PC-Free Mode Set-Up Guide & Quality Test

You probably haven’t noticed this but I haven’t posted anything to my YouTube channel since the PS4 was released. Thanks to Sony’s DCHP protection¬†I haven’t been able to record any gameplay on my AVerMedia LGP.

I know that people have been using HDMI splitters to record PS4 gameplay but I’ve been far too busy to get around to buying one and changing my whole set-up to cater for such a workaround. I don’t have a PC near my PS4 which is why I used to record using a Game Capture HD & then moved onto the Live Gamer Portable.

Last week I read that the latest PS4 firmware update (1.70) removed HDCP protection but I tried it out last night and my LGP wouldn’t record live gameplay. However I did find that I could capture footage saved in the PS4’s video library without any problems, as you can see here…

AVerMedia LGP PS4 PC-Free Mode Quality Test [no HDMI splitter]

AVerMedia LGP PS4 PC-Free Mode Set-Up Guide

First of all, make sure you have installed the 1.70 firmware update which Sony made available on 30th April, 2014. Once done, disconnect your LGP and connect your PS4 directly to your TV via HDMI. Reboot your PS4 and then go into Settings > System and untick “Enable HDCP”. Power down your PS4 and then reconnect your LGP. According to Sony (and a blog post over on Elgato’s website!) you should then be able to capture gameplay again.

I don’t know if the above steps will allow you to capture gameplay using a capture card that is hooked up to a PC but, in PC-Free mode, my LGP was only capturing sound.

To get around this, I saved some gameplay to my PS4 library by hitting the “share” button on the controller. From there, I was able to record the above footage without any problems.

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