Best Perk in COD: Advanced Warfare

There’s nothing like a timely post, right?

If we assume I uploaded this when I was supposed to … back in November last year … then it is quite likely that you are asking yourself the question: what is the best perk in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?  Well, I too asked that question and came to a very easy conclusion: Blast Suppressor.

The whole premise of Advanced Warfare is the ability to navigate the map faster than you could in previous Call of Duty games. Thanks to the double jump and rocket strafe/slide, you can cover huge portions of on screen real estate in next to no time, as well as access spots that just wouldn’t be reachable without the exo suit abilities.

Of course, any time you activate the exo suit you appear on the enemy HUD – unless you are running Blast Suppressor. In his video Advanced Warfare perks, TmarTn says that Blast Suppressor is ESSENTIAL, comparing it to Stopping Power (Modern Warfare 2) & Dead Silence (Call of Duty: Ghosts).

Take it away, TmarTn:


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