COD: Ghosts – Full Perk List

Last week I uploaded MW3 Invisibility Doughbag & COD Ghost Perks. As the slightly mixed title may suggest, the video was originally intended as a rant about hackers in COD: MW3. True to form, Infinity Ward have failed to respond and the game is quickly becoming unplayable thanks to the increasing number of players running around undetected thanks to an invisibility glitch. As I was editing the video I caught glimpse of a (presumably leaked) screenshot showing the full perk list in the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call of Duty Ghosts - Full Perk List
Call of Duty Ghosts – Full Perk List

We can see that players will have a (somewhat ridiculous) 35 perks to choose from in COD: Ghost. These are broken down into seven categories, namely: SPEED, HANDLING, STEALTH, AWARENESS, RESISTANCE, EQUIPMENT, and ELITE. At this stage it looks as though a points based system will be used, as per Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, meaning players could run more than three perks if they are prepared to forgo equipment, secondary weapons or attachments on their primary. No doubt OnlyUseMeBlade wannabees will be running around with no weapons and a super human set of perks.

As with any Call of Duty title, it looks as though some perks have been recycled, with a few new ones being thrown into the mix. It also looks as though some perks are now “more expensive” than others, based on the number shown in the bottom left hand corner of every perk icon (see below).

Call of Duty Ghosts - SPEED perks

Quickdraw – this one has been seen time and time again and allows players to aim down sights a little faster. It is yet unclear whether or not this effect will apply to all weapons. No doubt the quickscopers amongst you will hope it does!

Sleight of hand – another old perk, allowing players to reload faster.

Agility – this one looks to be comparable to lightweight, allowing players to move faster. It isn’t clear whether this will also affect a player’s ability to climb and/or negotiate obstacles.

Marathon – another reused perk, allowing players to sprint for longer. It will be interesting to see if COD: Ghost will feature infinite spring like early COD games, or if it will be limited as per the most recent installments.

Stalker – this one first appeared in Modern Warfare 3 and allows players to move faster whilst aiming down sights.

Call of Duty Ghosts - HANDLING perks
Strong arm – this is a new perk, allowing players to throw grenades a longer distance, as well as reduce the cook time of grenades. This one could potentially be very useful for opening routes in S&D & other objective based games.

On the go – a completely new perk, allowing players to reload whilst sprinting. This one is going to be big in Capture the Flag!

Fast Hands – allows a quicker switch to your secondary weapon. It is unclear whether or not this will also allow players to use equipment faster, as in previous games.

Steady aim – as with previous COD titles, this one will reduce bullet spray when shooting from the hip.

Dexterity – early reports suggest this will make weapons available quicker after sprinting. It isn’t clear whether this will have any impact on the player’s ability to climb / negotiate obstacles.

Call of Duty Ghosts - STEALTH perks
Takedown – an all new perk, which will allow an aggressor to remain undetected. When an enemy is killed, their team mates will not see the “death skull” appear.

Blind Eye – another recycled perk, providing a player with protection from certain kill streaks.

Off the grid – this seems to be some kind of ‘ghost’ style perk, allowing a player to stay off the UAV.

Dead silence – hopefully this will be a-la-Ninja from MW2 and completely eliminate footsteps. It is more likely, however, that it will just reduce the radius at which an enemy can detect your footsteps. How much, will probably depend on the quality of their gaming headset 😉

Ghost – this one looks similar to cold blooded, removing the red name above your head when an enemy can see you. Ninja defuse anyone?!

Call of Duty Ghosts - AWARENESS perks
Recon – possibly similar to Marksman in MW3, meaning an enemy will show up through minor obstructions to the line of sight, such as smoke or shrubbery. No doubt this will have some kind of counter perk.

Scavenger – same old same old – resupply from dead players.

Sitrep – another one that everyone should recognise, allowing players to detect enemy equipment.

Awareness – the counter to Dead Silence, making enemy footsteps louder.

Wiretrap – this one is completely new and seems to boost your own UAV by tapping into enemy UAV systems.

Call of Duty Ghosts - RESISTANCE perks
Lightweight – no falling damage. You may note, above, that the ability to move faster has been split out into a separate perk: agility.

Painkiller – faster health regeneration. Thankfully this does not appear to be linked to the painkiller death streak from MW2.

Toughness – a very popular perk from Black Ops 2, reducing the flinch effect when shot.

Tac Resist – similar to tac mask from recent COD games, reducing the impact of flash, stun & EMP grenades.

Blast Shield – protects you from explosives. MW3 players will remember this perk; Black Ops fans will know this as Flak Jacket.

Call of Duty Ghosts - EQUIPMENT perks
Tac +1 – carry an extra tactical grenade.

Lethal +1 – fairly self explanatory. With the points based system it looks as though players will be able to use this perk to carry 3 lethal grenades. COD 4 players will no doubt rejoice [/sarcasm].

Fully loaded – carry an extra ammo clip.

Three attachments – again, fairly self explanatory. Slap three attachments on your primary weapon.

Danger close – oh dear god. Why do they do this to us? MW2 players are probably cringing at the thought of ‘nades with the power of mini nukes.

Call of Duty Ghosts - ELITE perks
Gambler – a bit like the Hacker Perk, allowing a player to re-roll care packages.

Hardline – you noob. Why would you want to earn your killstreaks quicker?

Ping – an all new perk, which will come into effect when you kill an opponent, highlighting enemies in the vicinity.

Overkill – two primary weapons, as per previous COD titles.

Deadeye – a potentially devastating perk, which appears to increase bullet damage with each consecutive kill.

Thoughts on COD: Ghost Perks

At a first glance I am most excited by “Ping” as this shows enemies in close proximity to one that you have just killed. Used in conjunction with “Takedown”, which prevents enemies from seeing the “death skull” when you kill one of their teammates this could be a great combo for those of us who like to rush the enemy spawn.

My only real concern is danger close. Why, why, why do we need this in the game? What do you guys think?

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  1. For anyone who is wondering, YES COD: Ghost is available on the PS3 before the PS4 is released. Fear not, you won’t have to buy the game twice. Ok, you will, but you get a massive discount…

  2. Activision have now released official details of the COD: GHOSTS perk system & it is pretty much as predicted (above)….

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