Black Ops 2 server problems: an unofficial apology

Around twelve months ago I stated that Modern Warfare 3 was the best Call of Duty game ever made. Not so long after, Infinity Ward started tweaking things and the game became unpredictable and, hence, very frustrating. One game you’d drop a guy in 3 bullets; the next you would need 10. Don’t even get me started on death streaks.

Have I learned anything from my experience?


I’m pretty sure Black Ops 2 is the best Call of Duty game ever made.

There have been frustrations but they don’t concern me. The midnight launch fiasco (and the “misleading” pre-order bonus) doesn’t break the game, neither does the fact the servers fell over for 24 hours.  The servers always fall over when a new Call of Duty game is released. I think it is their way of saying “go and get some fresh air, you’ve been sat at your TV for 3 days straight”.

On the subject of server downtime, Treyarch have been quick to respond. Everything is back up and running and they have even issued this (un)official apology:

Please don’t sue me :0)

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