How to become a YouTube Partner: the Exonia Network

In November last year, I introduced Exonia: a unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity. A month later, I was pleased to announce that my channel had gained partnership with Exonia, and gave some tips for becoming a YouTube Partner.

At the time, the Exonia network was in its infancy, with a handful of content creators. However, less than 6 months later Exonia can boast one video view every single second. Whatever way you look at it, that is astonishing growth!

In the same time, what was a fairly basic WordPress website has been developed to include an almost automated YouTube Partnership application process. Using the YouTube API, prospective content creators are able to connect their channel to the website, which then analyses key statistics to establish whether or not the applicant meets Exonia’s criteria.

And, on that note, Exonia have just released a detailed video showing you the benefits of joining their YouTube Partner Network as well as some tips for anyone considering an application:

I called it back in November 2012 that this network is going places. I would not be surprised if the network can boast more than 100 million views each month this time next year.

Want to get in on the action? Click here to apply.

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