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Exonia - YouTube Partner Network

How to become a YouTube Partner: the Exonia Network

In November last year, I introduced Exonia: a unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity. A month later, I was pleased to announce that my channel had gained partnership with Exonia, and gave some tips for becoming a YouTube Partner. At the time, the Exonia network was in its infancy, with a handful of content creators. However, less […]

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How to make you YouTube subscription link

How to make a “subscribe to” link on YouTube

My YouTube channel recently surpassed 10,000 monthly views, meaning I was eligible for partnership via the Exonia Network. Amongst other things, this means I can upload a custom background. Special thanks go to Muky69 for reaching out to me and offering to make one free of charge. As per this video, I won’t link to […]

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Exonia: a YouTube Partner Network

Exonia: A Unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity

In Episode 20 of my Black Ops Road To Commander series, I was joined by a couple of fellow YouTubers: Sendzik and JSHD. Anyone who watches my videos will know Send’: we’ve been playing together for years and regularly appear on each other’s channels. Never heard of us before? Head on over to┬áiKingOfHouse & SneakyMcDucky┬áand […]

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