Day: November 10, 2012

Exonia: a YouTube Partner Network

Exonia: A Unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity

In Episode 20 of my Black Ops Road To Commander series, I was joined by a couple of fellow YouTubers: Sendzik and JSHD. Anyone who watches my videos will know Send’: we’ve been playing together for years and regularly appear on each other’s channels. Never heard of us before? Head on over to iKingOfHouse & SneakyMcDucky and […]

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Preparing for Black Ops II - BLOPS RTC

Black Ops 2 – be prepared – BLOPS RTC EP 55

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is available from midnight on Tuesday 13th November, 2012.  What better way to get ready for the game than a little Road to Commander series from the original Black Ops? Black Ops RTC Episode 55: Going to jail???  Without doubt, the most pointless game you will ever see in […]

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