Joining the Exonia YouTube Partner Network!

A little over a month ago I introduced Exonia, a new company which is offering a unique YouTube partnership opportunity.

The Exonia Network was founded by none other than JSHD, who you may remember from Episode 20 of my Black Ops: Road To Commander Series… although it’s more likely you know him from his very successful YouTube Channel.

In the ‘real world’ I regularly work with Young Entrepreneurs and I have to say, JSHD is up there with the best of them. If he plays his cards right I have absolutely no doubt that Exonia could be up there with the likes of Machinima within the next 3 years. Especially as he has just signed up one of YouTube’s rising stars….

Becoming a Youtube Partner - iKingOfHouse partners joins the Exonia Network
Becoming a Youtube Partner – iKingOfHouse partners joins the Exonia Network

That’s right folks. This post is brought to you by a YouTube Partner!

My channel has just exceeded 10,000 views per month which, conveniently, is the requirement for joining Exonia. If you’re getting this kind of traffic I suggest you head on over to Exonia’s YouTube Partner Application form and fill in your details.

Don’t expect to make millions overnight because it simply will not happen. In theory, you should make a little more than you do through your existing YouTube monetisation but there are no guarantees.

Personally, I’m in it for the extra benefits of being a YouTube Partner. Aside from the custom background and header, you get access to more detailed analytics data and there is a chance your content will be promoted on Google’s Display Network.

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel – it should be getting a bit of bling in the next week or so 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Joining the Exonia YouTube Partner Network!

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