Black Ops 2: scorestreaks explained

In an attempt to reduce camping, Treyarch have introduced a couple of new features for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

First of all, players who use the Ghost perk will still show on the enemy UAV if they remain stationary for too long. It’ll be really interesting to see how this plays out as, in theory, this is a fantastic idea.

In addition, they have totally changed the way in which killstreaks are obtained, moving to a points based system that rewards objective gameplay. The idea here is to force players into jumping on flags or bomb sites if they wish to attain the bigger rewards, such as dogs and warships. Again, this seems like a great idea in theory and we hope it works well in practice.

For those who have been lucky enough to play the game early, most seem to be fairly impressed with the new score streak system, although some feel the highest streaks are going to be out of reach for your average player.

Black Ops 2: a complete list of score streaks

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - kill point score streaks
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – score streaks (click to enlarge)

If for some reason you are unable to view the image above, here is a complete list of score streaks that will feature in Black Ops 2:

RC-XD – as annoying as ever & will probably consign most of us to Flak Jacket in the first few weeks (and then again at Christmas);
UAV – now with the added incentive as you get points for team kills whilst the UAV is active. Ghost will keep you off the UAV;
Hunter Killer – has the potential to be the ‘new’ RC-XD, if people learn how to use it. Take note: do not throw when indoors + do not throw near walls! However, if launched successfully this little drone will fly around the map and seek out an enemy player.
Care Package – as in Black Ops 1, these can be re-rolled or booby trapped!
Counter UAV – pixellates the enemy UAV (as opposed to completely blanking it out as in previous Call of Duty titles). Hard Wired will make you immune to the Counter-UAV’s effects;
Guardian – this is very much a defensive score streak, which needs to be placed near objectives. This won’t necessarily kill enemy players (unless they stand near it for too long) but it will hinder their ability;
Hellstorm Missile – like a big, bad predator missile. One that splits into multiple rockets on the way down;
Lightning Strike – a cross between the Napalm and Mortar Strikes from Black Ops 1;
Death Machine – it’s back! Only this time you keep the Death Machine until the bullets run out, even if you die after picking it up;
Sentry Gun – no changes here.
War Machine – automatic noob tube machine. We have concerns over this one. Thankfully, it’s a BIG score streak;
MQ-27 Dragonfire Drone – an AR.Drone (quadricopter) on steroids. Early reports suggest it is really difficult to fly but, once mastered, could be quite devastating;
A.G.R – similar to the assault drone from MW3. However, there are a couple of differences. Once the flare has been thrown to call in the A.G.R it will self assemble upon landing. From there, you have the choice of jumping into the A.G.R or letting it roam around the map;
Stealth Chopper – a relatively quiet helicopter that stays off the enemy UAV, fitter with powerful machine guns. Make sure you’re running Blind Eye or you could be toast;
Orbital VSAT – As per the Blackbird from the original Black Ops. It is yet to be seen whether Ghost provides any resistance this time around;
Escort Drone – just like the Escort Air Drop in Modern Warfare 3, this will drop care packages and shoot anyone that gets near them;
Warthog -Similar to the MW2 Harrier, although this one will continually strafe across the map in close proximity to the player who calls it in;
EMP – takes down enemy equipment. Players running Hard Wired won’t be affected;
Lodestar – imagine the MW3 reaper. Faster rockets with a bigger bang;
VTOL Warship – say hello to the Chopper Gunner;
Dogs – need no explanation. No perks will save you from these puppies; and
The Swarm – an army of hunter killer drones. If anyone is beastly enough to get this score streak, expect total carnage.

We’ve also heard rumours of a secret kill streak. Sadly, it’s still a secret. We can only assume it will resemble the MW3 M.O.A.B but, knowing Treyarch, it will be attained when a whole team does well.

What streaks are you looking forwards to using? Let us know in the comments!

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