Razer reveals the Sabertooth Gaming Controller for XBOX & PS3

If you don’t already do so, head on over to youtube.com/shaun0728 and hit that subscribe button. Hutch was one of the first people to post gameplay videos and, 4 years on, he still puts out interesting content.

For those of you who are already subscribed, you will know he has been telling us to keep an eye on his movement in Call of Duty Black Ops 2, hinting that he has a new controller set-up. Many people thought he was using an XBOX compatible keyboard & mouse but they were mistaken.

I knew his revelation would be something to do with Razer (note the links to their website in every one of Hutch’s videos) but their website had no mention of a new controller…. until today.

These…are…magical. I am never going back. Worth the 20-25 mins it takes to prep them – Shaun “Hutch” Hutchinson on the Razer Sabertooth Controller

Details of the Razer Sabertooth have now been revealed and the most significant feature seems to be the ability to fine tune the sensitivity of the analogue sticks. There are also a massive SIX fully controllable buttons.

Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller for XBOX & PS3
Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller for XBOX & PS3

Razer’s last gaming controller, the Onza, received quite a lot of criticism in terms of build quality. Hard core gamers frequently took to social media to complain that the Onza simple wasn’t up to the job, reporting problems with the analogue sticks, buttons, d-pad and customisable buttons – in other words, all aspects of the controller.

Their website specifically states that the Sabertooth has been “forged for durability” so it looks as though they have taken Onza comments into consideration.

My own experience of Razer products is limited to their gaming mice and my Boomslang still works perfectly, even though it is now more than ten years old. I don’t recall the name of the other one but that one works just fine and is around five years old.

One word of warning. If you play on XBOX and wish to use Live Chat, there is a compatibility issue which means most gaming headsets suffer a slight hum/buzzing noise when a gaming headset is hooked up to the Sabertooth.

If you want to avoid this issue then you’ll need to pick up the Razer Chimaera gaming headset. Or, save yourself £160 / $150 and communicate via Skype.

Credit to arCtiCvBi for sharing his experience on this issue in the comments section of his Razer Sabertooth Controller (Overview) video.

For now, the Sabertooth is only available directly from Razer. It’ll set you back £69.99 in the UK store & $79.99 in the US store. As and when these filter onto the market I’ll try and update these posts with better pricing information. If you happen to see anything in the meantime please let me know in the comments!

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