Day: October 18, 2012

Black Ops 2: scorestreaks explained

In an attempt to reduce camping, Treyarch have introduced a couple of new features for Call of Duty: Black Ops. First of all, players who use the Ghost perk will still show on the enemy UAV if they remain stationary for too long. It’ll be really interesting to see how this plays out as, in […]

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Call of Duty: Treyarch defends “old” game engine

Treyarch have recently come under fire for their choice of game engine. Whilst the likes of Crysis and Battlefield sport recently developed game engines, Black Ops 2 is based on the same system that was being used in 2005. Black Ops Community Manager David Vondehaar was quick to respond, stating that the engine has evolved […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Zombies mode is back!

Black Ops 2: More Zombies Footage

Even though I picked up a copy of the original Black Ops on release day, it wasn’t until Christmas that I played Zombies for the first time. Credit goes to one of my PSN buddies for introducing me to the best feature of a Treyarch Call of Duty title. If you’re unfamiliar with Zombies, then […]

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Gaming Headsets - research into ear cup design

Are gaming headsets uncomfortable?

With Black Ops 2 coming out in less than a month, I figured it would be an ideal time to remind my subscribers how Treyarch does Call of Duty titles, so went and started another Road To Commander Series. As with my Modern Warfare 3 RTC the majority of the games feature live team communication […]

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COD MW3 RTC Road To Commander ft the Average Joes

iKingOfHouse – Road To Commander EP 4 (COD: MW3)

Welcome to Episode 4 of my Call of Duty, Road To Commander series. In this video, I bring you games of Sabotage and then Search & Destroy – the first time both game types have appeared in the series. I’m playing with a group of guys collectively known as ‘The Average Joes’. What is Road […]

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