Black Ops 2: all gun camos

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Black Ops 2 - gold sniper rifle - gold cun camo
Black Ops 2 sees the return of Gold gun camo

Information is now available on gun camos in Black Ops 2. The following list is pretty much complete, and includes all camos that are visible from the in-game customisation menus. However, Treyarch have hinted at hidden camos. How you obtain these and how many there are will remain a mystery, for now.

One particularly cool feature in Black Ops 2 is that camos can now be applied to any weapon, not just primaries. ┬áThat’s right, you can have a pink (cherry blossom) crossbow [see here for more information on the Black Ops 2 crossbow] or the ultimate in bling… a gold riot shield.

It is likely that the camos will become available following the successful completion of various challenges, although this isn’t yet confirmed. If Black Ops 2 is anything like the original, users will simply be able to buy camos, with the exception of gold, which only becomes available at the top prestige level.

A full list of Black Ops 2 gun camos:

Devgru (standard camo)
A-Tacs AU (desert camo)
ERDL (woodland camo)
Siberia (arctic camo)
Choco (beach/desert camo)
Blue tiger (what it says on the tin)
Bloodshot (similar to red tiger)
Ghostex: Delta 6 (sandy, pixellated, beach/desert camo)
Kryptek: Typhon (snake skin – cool!)
Carbon Fiber (SWEET!)
Cherry Blossom (for the laydees)
Art of War (similar to red tiger with deeper reds)
Ronin (cartoon camo)
Skulls (skull camo)
Gold (the you-aint-grizz-baby’s sniper camo of choice)

If the above list isn’t enough for you, feel free to check out the following video…..

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