Black Ops 2: how to unlock gold guns (CONFIRMED)

A little over an hour ago I posted a quick Black Ops 2 tip, explaining how to unlock gold gun camo. As soon as the video had finished uploading to YouTube I noticed another guide to unlocking gold guns in my subscription feed.

Thankfully, I wasn’t far from the mark. JayEx23 confirms that you need to get 100 headshots before you can move on to the additional challenges. As I thought, this is replaced with 250 one hit kills if you’re going for gold shotgun camo, however Jay seems to think the same goes for sniper rifles.

JayEx23’s video on How to Unlock Gold Guns in Black Ops II:

He goes on to suggest that the challenges vary slightly from gun to gun, with the KSG abandoning the multikill challenge for one which requires you to get 5 kills without dying. Having experimented with the KSG I can confirm this is going to be quite tricky…. it is a one hit kill (even at a good range) but fires slugs as opposed to pellets so you need to be bang on target!

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