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Call of Duty Ghosts - All Perks Revealed

COD: Ghosts – Full Perk List

Last week I uploaded MW3 Invisibility Doughbag & COD Ghost Perks. As the slightly mixed title may suggest, the video was originally intended as a rant about hackers in COD: MW3. True to form, Infinity Ward have failed to respond and the game is quickly becoming unplayable thanks to the increasing number of players running […]

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Win a gaming PC

Win a ‘legendary’ Gaming PC

Back in January I shared details of the ultimate gaming PC giveaway which was being offered up by Mass Luminosity, Gaming Tribe, Cooler Master, Origin PC, AMD, PowerColor and AVerMedia. A couple of months later, Mass Luminosity teamed up with Gaming Tribe, AMD Gaming, Corsair, ORIGIN PC, BAWLS and VisionTek and subsequently gave away the “extreme power” […]

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Exonia - YouTube Partner Network

How to become a YouTube Partner: the Exonia Network

In November last year, I introduced Exonia: a unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity. A month later, I was pleased to announce that my channel had gained partnership with Exonia, and gave some tips for becoming a YouTube Partner. At the time, the Exonia network was in its infancy, with a handful of content creators. However, less […]

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Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller for XBOX & PS3

Razer reveals the Sabertooth Gaming Controller for XBOX & PS3

If you don’t already do so, head on over to and hit that subscribe button. Hutch was one of the first people to post gameplay videos and, 4 years on, he still puts out interesting content. For those of you who are already subscribed, you will know he has been telling us to keep […]

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The Ultimate Gaming PC - Mass Luminosity Origin PC v 2

Win the ultimate gaming PC

My gaming career began on the PC, dabbling with Duke Nukem 3D in the 90s. From there I moved onto Quake and finally Unreal Tournament before quitting when I passed my driving test. The sudden interest from the opposite sex was far more appealing than killing people online :0) These days I play on the […]

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Exonia - YouTube Partner Network

Joining the Exonia YouTube Partner Network!

A little over a month ago I introduced Exonia, a new company which is offering a unique YouTube partnership opportunity. The Exonia Network was founded by none other than JSHD, who you may remember from Episode 20 of my Black Ops: Road To Commander Series… although it’s more likely you know him from his very […]

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Sir Patrick Moore Moore - The GamesMaster (& Astronomer!)

Sir Patrick Moore: you will always be the GamesMaster

It is with great regret that I write about the death of Sir Patrick Moore, who passed away in his Selsey home yesterday afternoon, aged 91. His family released a statement confirming that after a short spell in hospital last week, it was determined that further treatment would not be beneficial and that Sir Patrick […]

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Black Friday Deals for Gaming Headsets (UK)

Black Friday deals on Gaming Headsets (UK)

A few hours ago we shared a selection of Black Friday deals for our US readers, in which we tried to identify the best headset offers we could find for PC, XBOX and PS3 gamers. We would love to bring our UK readers the same kind of content but nothing we could find has been […]

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Black Friday Deals for Gaming Headsets (USA)

Black Friday deals on Gaming Headsets (USA)

We’d like to start this post by wishing all of our US readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Assuming you’re going to be too hungover and/or full of turkey to move tomorrow, we figured you’d prefer to do your Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your own home. With that in mind, we’ve gone on […]

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Black Ops 2: Treyarch say sorry

Black Ops 2 server problems: an unofficial apology

Around twelve months ago I stated that Modern Warfare 3 was the best Call of Duty game ever made. Not so long after, Infinity Ward started tweaking things and the game became unpredictable and, hence, very frustrating. One game you’d drop a guy in 3 bullets; the next you would need 10. Don’t even get me started […]

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Exonia: a YouTube Partner Network

Exonia: A Unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity

In Episode 20 of my Black Ops Road To Commander series, I was joined by a couple of fellow YouTubers: Sendzik and JSHD. Anyone who watches my videos will know Send’: we’ve been playing together for years and regularly appear on each other’s channels. Never heard of us before? Head on over to iKingOfHouse & SneakyMcDucky and […]

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