Call of Duty: Black Ops II – get an early copy

Last month I looked at the different ways of getting your hands on a copy of Black Ops 2 on release day, which is now less than a week away (Tuesday 13th November 2012). Ultimately, you have three choices: order for home delivery, attend a midnight launch or try and get it before everyone else.

Black Ops II home delivery: for grown ups

Opting for home delivery is the most logical choice and it provides the cheapest way to buy Black Ops II.  If you’re prepared to wait until the postman arrives, you can get a copy for a snip under £32 by taking advantage of this offer QuidCo are running in conjunction with Tesco Entertainment. That’s almost £15 less than anywhere else.

Black Ops II midnight launch: for gamers

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - a typical midnight launch
Call of Duty: Black Ops II – a typical midnight launch

Many gamers will opt for the midnight launch as it means they can start playing right away. Two years ago I queued for hours to get a copy of Black Ops from a GAME midnight launch so I won’t be going there again. Last year I picked up Modern Warfare 3 from my local 24 hour Tesco and was online before 1 am.

If, like me, you just want to get your hands on the game and start playing, then I suggest you go to your local supermarket. Whether it’s Sainsbury’s, Tesco or ASDA they will just want to take your money and get you out of the door. GAME focus on the experience (read: they try and up-sell to every single customer) resulting in a very slow moving queue.

Black Ops II finding an early copy: you crazy fool

Copies of Black Ops 2 have started cropping up on eBay. As you can see from this link they’re going for anything between £100 and £250.

Whichever way you look at it, these copies are going to be a bit dodgy. Some have a plausible back story but I can guarantee that 99.9% will have been lifted from the store room of a major retailer.

I have to admit, I’ve bid on a couple just to see where the auctions end up. If it wasn’t for the fact I have my own YouTube channel then I wouldn’t even begin to consider paying a premium. However, I am working on the assumption that posting early Black Ops 2 content (i.e. midnight on 13th November) will be beneficial to my channel.

As it stands, I’ve set my max bids at £80. I might push that up to £100. Fingers crossed I don’t have a moment of weakness and pay some stupid amount!

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2 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops II – get an early copy

  1. For anyone who is wondering, I decided against buying a copy from eBay. I decided it wasn’t worth paying 3 times the retail price…. which is pretty lucky as it turns out Treyarch haven’t switched the servers on yet.

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