Black Ops 2: say hello to Nuketown 2025

Treyarch have made no secret of the fact Nuketown is making a return in Black Ops 2: the ever popular map will be available as a free download for anyone who pre-orders their copy of the game.

Until now it has been unclear whether they are simply re-introducing the map, as Infinity Ward did with the COD 4 map “Crash” in Modern Warfare 2, or completely remaking it.

Well, we now know for sure – say hello to Nuketown 2025:

Nuketown 2025 - available free if you pre-order Black Ops 2
Nuketown 2025 – available free if you pre-order Black Ops 2

That’s right. Treyarch have completely re-skinned the original Nuketown for Black Ops 2! Both of the houses now resemble living spaces of the future, the old trailer in the middle has been replaced with a modern camper van and the surroundings have been completely reworked.

If you want to see more of the map, we suggest you head on over to Treyarch’s Nuketown 2025 teaser video.

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