Black Ops 2: a look at diamond launchers (SMAW, RPG & Stinger)

Yesterday I showed you how to unlock gold & diamond camo for SMGs in Black Ops 2.  In short, you need to complete a series of challenges to unlock gold. Once you have unlocked gold for every gun in any given class, you will be rewarded with the diamond camo.

Thus far I only have one gold gun – the PDW – and am now working on the remaining 5 SMGs, starting with the Scorpion. Once I’ve unlocked the diamond SMG camo I will probably turn my attention to the special and/or secondary weapons.

Black Ops 2: Diamond Special Weapons

Black Ops 2: the diamond riot shield & crossbow
Black Ops 2: the diamond riot shield & crossbow

If nothing else, these look brilliant. Will I use either in online multiplayer? Unlikely: they are going to attract far too much attention! You might as well run around with a giant “HERE I AM” label if you’re going to rock the diamond riot shield!

Black Ops 2: Diamond Launchers

As for the launchers, I can see me using the diamond RPG. I know it’ll make my player stand out but it’ll look great in S&D final killcams :0)

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