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Black Ops 2 diamond RPG SMAW & Stinger

Black Ops 2: a look at diamond launchers (SMAW, RPG & Stinger)

Yesterday I showed you how to unlock gold & diamond camo for SMGs in Black Ops 2.  In short, you need to complete a series of challenges to unlock gold. Once you have unlocked gold for every gun in any given class, you will be rewarded with the diamond camo. Thus far I only have […]

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Black Ops 2 tip: unlock gold & diamond SMG camo

Earlier in the week I blogged on how to unlock gold weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Not long after, JayEx23 posted a video showing the gold R870 MCS shotgun which suggested the challenges differ slightly depending on the gun you are working on. I’ve managed to get the gold camo on the PDW […]

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