FIFA 13: Online Mode Shenanigans

It’s fair to say, FIFA 13 took some getting used to. My first game was a bit of a shock as I hopped into an online game mode, completely unaware that (a) my newly formed pro was utterly useless and (b) the control system has been completely revamped since I last played EA’s leading football game.

I have persevered and I’d like to think I’m now more of an asset than a liability to the Betstatz Bears, but I still have a long way to go.  However, my slow improvement in FIFA 13 is the subject of another post. Right now, I want to moan about the win/loss detection in online game modes.

What better way to do this than a video?

My two main gripes are:

1. Once in a while one of us will be disconnected so the game is forfeited. The remaining player should be allowed to continue or the game should be null and void; and

2. Whenever we score an early goal the other team will quit. Instead of being issued a win by default, the game doesn’t register.

Please, EA, sort this out!

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