Farewell MW3: 50&0 UMP rampage on Mission

Inspired by SneakyMcDucky’s Live Assault MOAB on Resistance, I hopped onto MW3 this morning with the intention of doing the same.

I went with the UMP-45 and got thrown into a game of CTF on Mission. For some reason I felt pretty confident, even though all of my MOABs have been reliant on the specialist kill streaks and either the MP7 or PP90M1 sub-machine guns.

Now, I didn’t intend this to be the last MW3 game on my channel but it seems logical to go out with a beast game like this. From now on I’ll be focussing on Black Ops & Black Ops 2!

[Update: I tried to play a few games for fun last night and 95% of the lobbies were hacked. People would drop in, kill themselves, Presitge and leave again. Sadly it looks like MW3 is going to be unplayable, just like its predecessor!]

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