YouTube channel update – shout outs, giveaway winner & more

Morning folks!

I’m working from home today as I have British Gas digging up my floor in the hope they can find a leak that Santa was kind enough to deliver over Christmas.

Rather than do some real work I thought I’d spend a few minutes updating you guys on a couple of videos which I did not upload to my blog (you know, the thing you’re reading at the moment).

I guess the most important one is my second attempt at picking a winner for my AVerMedia Game Caputre HD giveaway.

The original winner was announced on 30th December but he never came forward. Hopefully winner #2 actually watches my video and will be able to claim his prize 🙂

Don’t forget, I will do another AVerMedia Game Capture HD if this video generates enough interest.

In other news I have kicked off a series on YouTube SEO, which is aimed at smaller channels who want to get more views on their videos. This is based on my ‘real life’ experience, in which I get paid to teach people search engine optimisation.

Episode 1 covers the importance of the video description and, in particular, Meta Data. If you don’t want to subscribe (and if not, why not?!) you can watch the series on this YouTube SEO playlist.

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  1. Here’s the latest AVerMedia Game Capture HD giveaway …

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