FIFA 13 Live: Cup Glory? Game 1

With FIFA 14 now available for pre-order [US link], I couldn’t help but dust off the “old” game and hopped onto the PS3 network with thellDoctor and my good mate Dave (DBomb-85). We noticed that the cup window was open so we figured we’d give it a try.

Given my AVerMedia LGP is now armed with a whopping 128 GB SD card, I don’t need to worry about running out of space so I just hit that big red record button and forgot about it….

FIFA 13 Live: Cup Glory? Game 1

We started the game pretty well and we were unlucky not to go ahead, especially given my pass at 01:19 in the video. Such vision and accuracy really does deserve a goal (I’m looking at you, Doc).

In typical fashion we found ourselves a goal down before half time but we managed to play ourselves out of trouble, ending the game more comfortably than the 2-1 score would suggest.

I’ll be posting the entire cup-run to my YouTube channel so make sure you subscribe to catch all the action 🙂

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