Black Ops 2: Transit Survival Guide (Zombies hints & tips)

Transit (or Tranzit for your American folks) is an all new Zombies game mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, in which players can roam between all of the areas available in Survival Mode.

A much bigger playing area provides room for countless Easter eggs and there are many videos detailing where to find them. After a lengthy search, I believe the following provides the most comprehensive guide.

Credit goes to BamDanUK for putting this together:

The video starts with some basic strategies for maximising points, such as shooting Zombies 6 times in the leg before finishing them with a knife. Next, Dan gives instructions for building the turbine and shows you how to use it to open up parts of the map, without wasting valuable credits.

Dan moves on to show you where to find parts for the Zombie Bus, as well as the Galvaknuckles – which provide a one hit kill on Zombies all the way to round 13. If you don’t like the idea of spending 6k credits then perhaps you would prefer to make the Zombie shield? Skip to 2 minutes 20 to find out how to make it.

If you pick up a beastly weapon and want to store it for a later round, skip to 3 minutes 10 and find out how. Hopefully you bothered to build the turbine as it will save you credits when accessing the fridge.

Having a beastly game but have to stop? All is not lost – Treyarch have built in a “bank” which allows you to store credits. You can either use these in later rounds or next time you play Zombies. Skip to 3 minutes 30 to see how to access the bank and use the storage feature.

Is one of your team low on points? Want to help them out? Do you have the galvaknuckles? If you answered “yes” to all three questions then check out the feature at 4 minutes 30, which allows you to transfer points to members of your team.

In the final part of the video, Dan shows you where to find the perks, namely Double Tap, Tombstone, Juggernog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola and Quick Revive. To access these you will either need to turn the power on or, you guessed it, use the Turbine!

Black Ops 2 Zombies: The Perks

Double Tap Root Beer

This is essentially rapid fire. Once you have activated double tap all of your weapons will see their fire rate increase by one third. Be warned, their recoil will increase too!


This is a new Zombies perk for Black Ops 2. Once you buy Tombstone you will be able to retrieve weapons after your death. Assuming your team survive the round you will respawn prior to the next wave of Zombies. Head on over to where you died and you will find a Tombstone, along with any weapons that you had at the time of death. Tombstone is only available in multiplayer Zombies.


Juggernog is essential if you want to make it to higher rounds in Call of Duty: Zombies as it gives you 210% health. You will need to replenish Juggernog every time you are knocked to the ground.


A cross between lightweight and marathon from the multiplayer game, Stamin-Up increases your speed and sprint duration.

Speed Cola

Sleight of Hand, tweaked for the Zombies game mode. In addition to faster weapon reloads, you will also be able to repair barriers quicker.

Quick Revive

Essential for any team player. Quick Revive does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to revive fallen comrades much faster. There is no limit on the number of times you can use Quick Revive, however you will lose the perk if you need to be revived.

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