Black Ops 2 tip: best anti-air class [shoot down air support quickly]

Yesterday I posted a couple of videos showing how powerful the Black Hat PDA can be, when used to combat enemy equipment or point streaks.

Not so long after, I hopped onto Black Ops 2 and got thrown into a game which was nearing the end. My team were apparently content with being blown up every 3 seconds as no-one was trying to shoot down the enemy air support.  I did my best but there’s only so much you can do with a couple of rockets, right?

Black Ops 2: how to shoot down enemy air support QUICKLY

I had a look on YouTube for the best anti-air support class but couldn’t find anything.

So, for whatever reason, I seem to be the first person to integrate the Black Hat PDA into an anti-air class.  Doing so will allow you to (single handedly) take down anything the enemy can throw at you, with the exception of The Swarm. Talk about being a team player…..

Black Ops 2 - anti air class guide
Black Ops 2 – anti air class guide

Perk 1: Blind Eye
Perk 2: Cold Blooded
Tactical Nade: 2 * Black Hat PDA
Secondary: FHJ-18 AA (although the SMAW is fine)

And here it is in action….

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