Roxio Game Capture HD review by iMightyHutch

If you’re a budding YouTuber, then you will need to buy yourself a capture card before you can start posting gaming videos to the internet (unless you want your videos to look like this).

There are a plethora of capture cards on the market, so which one should you choose? Your decision really depends on three factors:

(1) your budget;
(2) are you recording in standard or high definition; and
(3) is your games console near a PC or laptop?

Roxio Game Capture HD (for PS3, XBOX & PC)
The Roxio Game Capture HD includes full HD in/out, live streaming functionality & pre-packaged software

In the following video Hutch, one of the first people to post gameplay to the internet, reviews the Roxio Game Capture HD. This is a relatively cheap capture card which allows recording in High Definition, although it does require you to connect directly into a PC. If you don’t have a PC near to your games console then you might like to check out the AVerMedia Game Capture HD.

Buy the Roxio GameCap HD Pro on Amazon for £115 / $115:

Buy the Roxio GameCap HD on Buy the Roxio GameCap HD Pro on

Not from the UK? You can buy the Roxio Game Capture HD on from $119 plus delivery & taxes.

Hutch reviews the Roxio Game Capture HD:

All in all, Hutch is pretty impressed with the device, which has both HD in and HD out (in addition to the more cumbersome component cables) in addition to live streaming support. It also comes with a fairly powerful software package, which will appeal to anyone who can’t afford something like Sony Vegas 10 (or doesn’t want to acquire it from a torrent site!).

Do you have the Roxio Game Capture HD? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Roxio Game Capture HD review by iMightyHutch

  1. I do have the Roxio HD Capture Card. Let me be clear… IT SUCKS! The usb connection on the capture card itself SUCKS and that causes many issues. Sometimes, you have to unplug and plug it back in a million times before the computer reads it and sends it back to your tv. Sometimes, the software that comes with it makes your computer crash (and we’ve had it on three different gaming computers and it still crashed them). Sometimes, the unplugging and plugging in of the device makes the computer crash. It doesn’t work over half the time all because of the connection I assume. I will NEVER EVER EVER buy another one. NOT EVER!

    1. Wow I’m really quite surprised to hear this!

      All I’ve ever seen about Elgato is positive feedback. Have you tried Tweeting them (@ElgatoGaming)?

      Or, perhaps it’s worth checking out the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable…

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