Astro Gaming A40 TR Generation 4

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Surround Sound Wired Gaming Headset for the Playstation 4, XBOX 1, PC & Mac.


Gaming Headset: Astro A40 TR Generation 4 by Astro Gaming

The A40 TR is a wired surround sound gaming headset with the hardcore gamer in mind. There is an optional Mod Kit which turns the Astro A40 TR into the ultimate tournament headset, designed to eliminate crowd noise and isolate the player’s voice chat, which is why the Astro A40 TR is often favoured by professional gamers.

Compatible with the Playstation 4, XBOX 1 and PC/MAC the Astro A40 TR is absolutely packed with features. As with all Astro Gaming headsets, there are a host of settings to customise in-game sounds and voice communication.

Astro A40 TR Wired Gaming Headset (official unboxing video)

If you’re wondering how to hook up your Astro A40 TR wired gaming headset to your Playstation 4 (PS4), XBOX 1 (XB1), PC or Mac, the following videos tell you everything you need to know.

Astro A40 TR Wired Gaming Headset Playstation 4 set-up guide

Astro A40 TR Wired Gaming Headset XBOX 1 set-up guide

Astro A40 TR Wired Gaming Headset PC / Mac set-up guide

Video Review of the Astro A40 TR Wired Gaming Headset

3 reviews for Astro Gaming A40 TR Generation 4

  1. Cate_fish

    Yes, they cost almost £300 but anyone who has owned an Astro Gaming headset in the past will tell you these things are well worth the price tag. I am an avid gamer and regularly spend 4+ hours playing without a break and Astro headsets are the only ones that don’t cause discomfort or irritation. The Astro A50 gen 4 improve on the existing build quality & comfort by building in Dolby Atmos. Buy one. Right. Now.

  2. Marcus

    Hey King nice to see you posting on Facebook again- it’s been a while. I know you have the A50s already but if you get the chance you simply have to upgrade to the gen 4!

  3. marshall_mathers

    absolutely no doubt in my mind these are the best surround sound gaming headset on the market. they work with ps4 and xbox one. build quality is immense. sound quality unreal. the dolby atmos only works with some games like battlefield but more games will follow. in those games it makes a massive difference because you can hear the exact location of sounds. like in battlefield you can hear planes flying OVER you. sick headset

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Surround Sound Gaming Headsets for PS4, XBOX One, PC & Mac.