2013 Astro A40 Gaming Headset review by TmarTn

In the following video, full time YouTuber TmarTn takes a look at the 2013 Astro A40 Gaming Headset. For those unfamiliar with Astro, they are the manufacturer of choice for professional gamers and their Astro A40 set raised the bar in terms of sound quality. Their all new 2013 model offers a range of improvements on an already exceptional design.

For those unable to view, the video starts with an unboxing of the 2013 Astro A40. The headset is delivered in a well designed box which, once opened, immediately draws your attention to the headset and mix-amp. The instructions and cables are neatly tucked away in a separate compartment.

Astro A40s vs 2013 Astro A40s

TmarTn then compares the 2013 Astro A4 to the previous model. The first observation is that the 2013 version can be completely disconnected from input cables, meaning the wearer is free to get up and move around should they feel the need. Next up is the mix-amp which sees significant improvements. First, the 2013 A40 mix-amp is much slimmer than previous versions, due to the fact the (never used) battery pack has been removed from the rear. Second, there is now a new stream output which combines game volume, incoming voice chat and outgoing voice chat, which will be ideal for gamers who are looking to live stream. Third, and most notably, are the new buttons on the front of the mix-amp, which give access to four different equaliser settings.

The majority of gamers will immediately jump into pro mode which is designed with first person shooters in mind, accentuating ambient sounds such as bullet fire and footsteps. Core mode leaves sounds untouched, whilst media mode is designed to improve your experience of music and films. The final setting, sports mode, puts you at the heart of the stadium for your game of choice.

As it stands, the equaliser modes are fixes as per the above but Astro is going to allow gamers to develop and share their own pre-sets from the start of 2013. We have no doubts that the pro mode will attract the most attention, with gamers striving to customise settings for Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and more.

2013 Astro A40 gaming headset
The 2013 A40 is the latest wired gaming headset from Astro

2013 Astro A40 vs 2012 Astro A50

In the latter part of the video,  TmarTn compares the 2013 Astro A40 to the most recently released A50. The most notable difference between the two is that the A40 is a wired headset, whilst the A50 is wireless. In terms of sound quality, the two headsets are pretty similar.

Ultimately the choice between these two headsets will be down to personal choice, although the 2013 A40 does have a slightly better spec, with 4 pre-set equaliser settings compared to ‘only’ 3 with the A50s.¬†Other minor differences include the ability to personalise the ear plates and remove the microphone on the A40, whilst A50 owners don’t have this option.

Where to buy the 2013 Astro A40 headset

Customers in the UK can pre-order the 2013 A40s on eBay, from Lime XBOX 360, an approved reseller of Astro products. For those in the US of A (and the rest of the World), the 2013 model is available directly from Astro on their Amazon store.

For US customers, you can order the 2013 A40s directly from Astro via their Amazon store.

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