How to record Call of Duty Commentaries

How to record Call of Duty Commentaries

Using Skype to record COD MW3 BO 2 commentary

How to record live gameplay commentary in MW3 / Black Ops 2

This tutorial was made with the intention of addressing poor sound quality in the Sony Playstation 3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, however there are far more useful applications to the technique described below.

The solution is pretty simple: you can avoid using PSN chat by hooking up your headset to Skype. Typically this will involve plugging the USB portion of your headset into a PC which is running Skype, however the same applies to Apple Macs. Some of the more sophisticated gaming headsets have a bluetooth option, which can be used to connect to an iPhone or other smartphone.

If you need a more detailed explanation, check out this video:

At the time, I wasn’t aware pro gamers already used Skype for communicating during competitive matches, but now I do know I can fully understand why. Some of the benefits include:

Clarity – Skype provides a massive improvement in terms of voice quality for PS3 gamers. PSN chat quality is impacted by the lack of RAM on the PS3 and there’s only so much game developers can do by tweaking their code.

Ninja mode – when you’re rolling as a team it can be difficult to get games. Randoms will quickly exit a lobby when they realise their up against a full party – no one wants to know their about to get spanked! If you’re using Skype, either on the PS3 or Xbox, your name won’t display the chat icon so it’s less likely people will bail before the game starts. Even better, if you happen to run into another full team they’re unlikely to know what’s coming. I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard “check out these noobs without mics” only to hand out a thrashing :0)

YouTubers – if you’re into the whole Youtube thing [plug]check out my channel[/plug] you can use Skype to record live team communication. Personally I use MP3 Skype Recorder, which is free to download. [you can also use something like MP3 my MP3 to record live commentary or video commentaries. Just load the program instead of Skype!]

Borderline cheating – I’m still on the fence about this one. I guess you could call it cheating, but I’m happy to refer to it as “enhanced team communication”. Imagine you’re playing a bit of Search & Destroy, in any COD game. As soon as you die you can’t call out the enemy positions. Well, in Skype, you can!

There are more but I’m sure you can figure those out in due course!

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