How to make a “subscribe to” link on YouTube

How to make a “subscribe to” link on YouTube

My YouTube channel recently surpassed 10,000 monthly views, meaning I was eligible for partnership via the Exonia Network.

Amongst other things, this means I can upload a custom background. Special thanks go to Muky69 for reaching out to me and offering to make one free of charge. As per this video, I won’t link to his channel as he doesn’t want an influx of people demanding artwork :o)

Anyhoo… when I came to set-up the links for my swanky new background I couldn’t work out how to do the “subscribe-to” link. After a bit of Googling it turns out the answer is as follows…

If you want a subscribe-to link for your own channel, copy and paste the following:

Obviously, make sure you replace ‘iKingOfHouse’ with your channel name.


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