FIFA 13: how to perform the all new skill moves (PS3 tutorial)

FIFA 13: how to perform the all new skill moves (PS3 tutorial)

In this post I’m looking at skill moves which have been introduced for FIFA 13. If you are new to the series and want to get to grips with the basic stuff first, I suggest you check out this FIFA skill move tutorial before attempting the 5 star/flair moves.

The following video has been recorded on PS3, so XBOX users may wish to note the corresponding keys….

PS3 to XBOX conversion
Square = X
X = A
O = B
Triangle = Y
L1 = LB
L2 = LT
R1 = RB
R2 = RT

Performing the new skill moves in FIFA 13 [PS3 video tutorial]

In the order they appear in the video, the new skill moves are the Reverse Elastico, Hocus Pocus Pass, Precision Dribbling, Fancy Fake Shot, Ball Roll Flick, Fake Shot To Stop (although this is just an improved version of an existing move from previous versions of FIFA), Fake Shot Pass (often called the Henry Pass), Reverse In Air Elastico and the Back Heel Shot.

My personal favourite is the Henry Pass as it’s the kind of move I can do without much thought. I really struggle to perform things like the Reverse In Air Elastico without giving the ball away, which kind of defeats the point!

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