Black Ops 2: Mythbusters Episode 1 [Black Hat PDA + AGR Glitch]

Black Ops 2: Mythbusters Episode 1 [Black Hat PDA + AGR Glitch]

I’ve been following DefendTheHouse for years and was pleased to see they have released a Mythbusters video for Black Ops 2. Hopefully this will be the first of many and not just a one-off like their MW3 “series”.

Black Ops II myths put to the test (episode 1)

In this episode they show:

1. You can be killed by the impact of a Hunter Killer;
2. You can retrieve an out of reach care package using a Black Hat*;
3. You can place C4 on a Dragonfire quadrocopter;
4. You can protect yourself from a falling care package crate with an assault shield if you plant the assault shield in the ground;
5. Hunter Killers in The Swawm will take out dogs from a K9 unit; and
6. You can launch an AGR by diving on top of it. This is a really strange glitch and will no doubt be patched by Treyarch fairly soon. In the meantime, be sure to use it to your advantage!

More on the Black Hat PDA: what else can it do?

The Black Hat PDA is a piece of equipment that can be used instead of tactical grenades. The device hasn’t been seen in any previous Call of Duty title so many players might not know how to make the most of it.

I did a little bit of searching and think the following clip provides offers the best insight into the Black Hat PDA.  In fact, the only thing is misses is the ability to retrieve out of reach care packages.

Credit goes to JV2017. Be sure to check out his channel!

As you can see, the Black Hat PDA can:

1. Disable an enemy UAV (in about 4 seconds);
2.  Hack a care package (in about 1.5 seconds);
3. Disable an enemy guardian (in about 4 seconds);
4. Disable an enemy sentry gun (in about 4 seconds);
5. Disable the Dragonfire score streak (in about 3 seconds); and
6. Disable the AGR score streak (in about 4 seconds).

The Black Hat PDA will instantly destroy enemy equipment, such as tactical inserts and shock charges. It can also hack the trophy system.

Potentially the most important feature of the Black Hat PDA, is that it doesn’t have a maximum range: simply maintain line of sight with whatever it is you are trying to hack or destroy!

At this point you might be thinking the Black Hat PDA is overpowered, so you may wish to note the following:

1. It is a one-time use;
2. It cannot be used against an RC-XD; and
3. It will only take down air support that could otherwise be shot down with a single launcher, such as the UAV, counter-UAV and Dragonfire. Against the Stealth Chopper or Escort Drone it will have the same effect as if you were to fire a single rocket.

As good as it seems, it is unlikely that I will use the Black Hat PDA on anything other than an anti-air class. I like the fact that, in conjunction with a launcher, the Black Hat PDA can allow a solo player to take down an enemy chopper.

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