Exonia: A Unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity

Exonia: A Unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity

In Episode 20 of my Black Ops Road To Commander series, I was joined by a couple of fellow YouTubers: Sendzik and JSHD.

Anyone who watches my videos will know Send’: we’ve been playing together for years and regularly appear on each other’s channels. Never heard of us before? Head on over to iKingOfHouse & SneakyMcDucky and hit that subscribe button :0)

But who is JSHD? Jack is an established YouTuber who puts out a mix of Sony Vegas Tutorials, product unboxings and reviews. At the time of posting, his channel is just about to pass the 14,000 subscriber mark – yipes! He’s also the founder of Exonia: a YouTube Partner Network.

Exonia: a unique partnership opportunity

The YouTube Partner Program has some real benefits for content creators. Small channels simply won’t meet the entry criteria, which is where YouTube Partnership Networks come in.  In Jack’s own words, Exonia is different….

The full benefits include:

Monetize: We give you the ability to generate revenue from your online content via advertising.
Features: You will get all the YouTube partnership features, including customizable banners and thumbnails.
Growth: We will help you supercharge your channel growth.
Ownership: You retain full ownership and control over your channel.
Transparency: Track your earnings with direct access to your analytics.
Support: We are here to help, if you ever have any problems we will be there to assist.

Interested? Click here to apply to Exonia’s YouTube Partner Network.

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