Black Ops 2: sniper gameplay (quickscoping is back?)

Black Ops 2: sniper gameplay (quickscoping is back?)

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In the video that follows, you can see Black Ops 2 gameplay featuring the unscoped Ballista and the scoped DSR-50: two sniper rifles that feature in the next instalment to the Call of Duty Series.

Black Ops 2 - sniper gameplay - gold L96

Black Ops 2: the return of quickscoping?

First impressions are that the DSR-50 will the sniper rifle of choice for rush snipers and quickscopers. The Ballista will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who sniped in World at War, being a bolt-action with iron sights.

Personally, I can’t wait to try out both of these weapons. I began using the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2 and quickly became a fan of aggressive sniping. Sadly this was nigh on impossible in the Black Ops, so I am crossing fingers & toes in the hope Treyarch get right balance in the upcoming sequel.

Skip to 1:40 to view the sniper gameplay:

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